Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peptame?

Introducing our revolutionary, unique and ultra-speedy method of tameing and condi­tioning hair. In just 20 minutes at the basin unruly hair will be tamed into a sleek, smooth, straight mane of manageable, weatherproof, glossy locks.

We’ve gone right back to nature to source our 2 main active ingredients – sun-kissed sugarcane peptides and glycol­ic acid which eliminate the need for including the harsh, damaging ingredients of your other, commonly used straight­ening treatments.

Peptame’s carefully sourced and specially formulated ingre­dients work by penetrating the internal structure of the hair J rebuilding and restoring both the internal and external hair fibres with incredible results.

What does Peptame do?

For smooth, straight, weather­proof, ultra-strong and silky hair that lasts up to 8 weeks. Rebuilding and restoring both the internal and external hair fibres.

How long does it take?

Apply the Peptame shampoo and leave on at the basin for 20 minutes. Rinse off and apply the mask and leave a further 10 minutes. Then simply rinse away. Blowdry and 1-2 passes with the iron. 

How soon before or after a treatment can I colour or lighten my hair?

Peptame can be performed prior bleaching or colouring if the hair is extremely dry.

Peptame will rebuild and strengthen the hair so the colour service can be per­formed and a much nicer result can be achieved.
Scenario two, Peptame can be done immediately after the colour same day.

Scenario three, if you are toning the hair after a colour service it is best to do your bleaching then perform Peptame then apply your semi as a last step.

If Peptame is performed closer to your tint and semi it might shift the colour a little.

Where can I find Peptame Service?

Please refer to salon locater. salon-locator

Can anyone apply Peptame?

Peptame is a professional salon service and is recommended to be applied by a trained professional.

Will Peptame change my colour?

Peptame is safe with blonde hair however with semi-permanent or with tinted dark colours it can shift the colour a little. We recommend you do Peptame before colouring the hair.

What kind of shampoo and conditioner should be used?

Peptame retail range will help to maintain and extend the life of your treatment. product-category/peptame-hair-care/

How often can the treatment be done?

The treatment should last up to 8 weeks, as there is no harsh chemicals in the product the treatment can be performed as often as needed.

Is the re-application of the treatment done on the entire head or just on the new growth?

Re-application of Peptame will be done on the entire head as it will fade out over a period of time.

Will I get regrowth if I do Peptame?

No as the treatment will fade out over a period of time.

Is Peptame safe for my hair?

Yes, the main ingredients are sugarcane peptides and glycolic acid (used in facials) which eliminate the need for including the harsh, damaging ingredients. If the scalp is a bit dry or if the client has psoriasis the glycolic in the treatment can upset the scalp however no other side effects are noted.

Should the hair be cut before or after the treatment?

No difference.

How many days after the treatment can the hair be wet or be washed?

Same day.

Can the hair be tied back straight after the treatment?


Is the treatment permanent?

No, as the treatment will fade out over a period of time.

How long will the treatment last?

Up to 6-8 weeks.

Is Peptame safe for Pregnant women?

Yes, but it is recommended individuals check with their doctors for individual advise.