If frizz is your main concern, then it’s comforting to know that you are definitely not alone. And there are myriad options when it comes to taming it in-salon.

Peptame is among the most popular, relaxing curl and frizz in under half an hour via its unique peptide and glycolic acid infused formula. The fuss-free treatment lasts up to eight weeks.

The Australian Hair Fashion Awards Product and Business Categories are the yin to the yang of the Creative Categories. Like in any hairdressing business, one side cannot exist without the other and they are equally important to all of us in the hairdressing industry.

I will try most in-salon hair treatments once as long as there are no nasty ingredients like Formaldehyde in them.  However, it takes a very good in-salon hair treatment to entice me to carry on having it done on a regular basis.  I have been doing the Seamless1 Peptame Hair Treatment every 8 weeks or so for the last 12 months, which means it’s good!

The Peptame process couldn’t be simpler. The taming shampoo is applied and left on for 20 minutes to work its magic before rinsing. The masque is then applied and massaged through for a few more minutes. There are no noxious fumes or nasty smells, in fact, Peptame smells delicious. Like oranges.

After a blow-dry, it’s completely done! They recommend running a hot iron over it a couple of times if you want even more staying power, which is what my stylist Scotty did for me (pic at the top is me with my super straight, post-salon hair.) I left it two days before I gave it a wash because a) gotta make the most of a blow dry and b) it just felt like it would last longer if I did. And when I did, I air dried and… bye bye frizz!